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Client Education Brochures, Gift Certificates, Treatment Cards & Posters

Credible educational materials can attract new clients, inform referring practitioners of the value of your services and increase your client's participation in their treatments.
 Our well researched brochures explain not only what you do, but why it works.  They are rigorously reviewed by practitioners and appropriate healthcare professionals for accuracy, as well as by lay people to ensure they are understandable to the general public.
 Use them to build awareness of the many ways your professional services go beyond relaxation and pampering and show new and current clients and referring practitioners that your service is not a luxury - it is a vital tool for good health and well-being.
 Your services are in high demand both from clients needing stress relief as well as from those wanting to purchase gift certificates, for friends, loved ones and colleagues.  Our varied gift certificates can help you reach out to your diverse clientele, family and friends.
 Client treatment cards help you to keep vital information of ongoing treatment plans for your clientele.