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Aromatic Hydrosols

Aromatic hydrosols are genuine “waters of distillation”, derived from the steam distillation of aromatic plants and flowers.

The most soothing water soluble compounds found in the plant (including small amounts of essential oil) are naturally contained in the hydrosols.

These can be used to create your own skin care. A practical and convenient method of experiencing aromatherapy.

Aromatic Hydrosols
Description Product Code Unit Details
Chamomile Flower Blend Hydrosol 1 Litre CHAMH1000 Each View Details for CHAMH1000
Chamomile Flower Blend Hydrosol 100ml CHAMH100 Each View Details for CHAMH100
Damask Rose Hydrosol 1 Litre ROSH1000 Each View Details for ROSH1000
Damask Rose Hydrosol 100ml ROSH100 Each View Details for ROSH100
Orange Blossom Hydrosol 100ml ORAH100 Each View Details for ORAH100
Orange Blossom Hydrosol 1 Litre ORAH1000 Each View Details for ORAH1000
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