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Storage Boxes

Handcrafted solid wooden storage boxes for essentail oils.
Ideal for use in clinical practice, storage boxes are a practical and popular tool of trade.
Useful for  keeping oils safely stored and easily accessible.  Providing a light-protected environment, storage boxes help to ensure the longevity of oils.
The storage boxes have different compartment sizes to suit a number of requirements.
For further information regarding the number of compartments and the sizes of the bottles held please click on the Product Name of the Storage Box.

Storage Boxes
Description Product Code Unit Details
Aromatic Medicine Chest AROMMED Each View Details for AROMMED
Essential Oil Box Boutique 15 compartment ESSOILBOXB15 Each View Details for ESSOILBOXB15
Essential Oil Box Executive 30 compartment ESSOILBOXE15 Each View Details for ESSOILBOXE15
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