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Specialised Products

These aromatic creations include the luxurious Damask Rose Moisturiser which is nourishing to all skin types.

The Healing Blend with added vitamins and essential oils promotes rapid healing and the Wound Heal Formula which is used extensively in health care for various skin conditions.

For further information regarding the specific benefits, applications, and contents please click on the Product Name of the Aromatic Product.

Specialised Products
Description Product Code Unit Details
Damask Rose Moisturiser 100ml DAMRM100 Each View Details for DAMRM100
Damask Rose Moisturiser 500ml DAMRM500 Each View Details for DAMRM500
Wound Heal Formula 100ml WHF100 Each View Details for WHF100
Wound Heal Formula 30ml WHF30 Each View Details for WHF30
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