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Therapeutic Massage Blends & Concentrates

These massage concentrates are a blend of undiluted pure essential oils suitable for making your own massage blends, therapeutic creams, gels and for use in compresses and baths.
The massage blends are a 5% concentration of pure essential oils in a base of the pure vegetable carrier oils of Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Grapeseed and Canola. These blends are suited for direct application and are supplied in 100ml Cobalt Blue bottles.

For further information regarding the specific benefits, applications and contents please click on the Product Name of the Therapeutic Massage Blend or Concentrate.

Therapeutic Massage Blends & Concentrates
Description Product Code Unit Details
Calmant Concentrate 10ml CALCON10 Each View Details for CALCON10
Calmant Massage Blend 100ml CALBLE100 Each View Details for CALBLE100
Circulation Concentrate 10ml CIRCON10 Each View Details for CIRCON10
Circulation Massage Blend 100ml CIRBLE100 Each View Details for CIRBLE100
Energising Concentrate 10ml ENECON10 Each View Details for ENECON10
Energising Massage Blend 100ml ENEBLE100 Each View Details for ENEBLE100
Euphoria Concentrate 10ml EUPCON10 Each View Details for EUPCON10
Muscle Relief Concentrate 10ml MUSRCON10 Each View Details for MUSRCON10
Muscle Relief Massage Blend 100ml MUSRBLE100 Each View Details for MUSRBLE100
Relaxant Massage Blend 100ml RELBLE100 Each View Details for RELBLE100
Slimming Concentrate 10ml SLICON10 Each View Details for SLICON10
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