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Vitamin cosmetic research studies have shown that many vitamins, just like essential oils, will penetrate the skin.
Vitamins have a beneficial effect when applied topically to treat various skin conditions and disorders.
Vitamins can be added to finished products such as Ultimate Base Cream, Essential Base Cream, Essential Shampoo Base, Essential Conditioner Base, Essential Cleanser Base and Gels.
Please note - Vitamins should be stored in the refrigerator.

Guide For Vitamin Use
G = Good
VG = Very Good
Speeds Wound Healing - D3 (G), B Panthenol (VG)
Skin Lipid Antioxidant - E Acetate(VG)
Anti-inflammatory - B Panthenol (G), E Acetate (VG)
Moisturising & Hydrating - B Panthenol (VG), E Acetate (VG)
Dry Skin - B Panthenol (VG), E Acetate (VG), D3 (G), B6 (G)
Oily, Acneic Skin - B6 (VG), D3 (G)
Dermatitis, Excema, Psoriasis - B6 (VG), D3 (G)
Scalp and Hair Treatments - B Panthenol (VG), D3 (G)
Aging Skin & Fine Lines - D3 (G), E Acetate G), B Panthenol (G)
Effective Concentration Levels
Skin Care
D3: 0.02% - 0.2%
B6: 1% - 2%
B Panthenol: 1% - 5%
E Acetate: 1% - 25%
Hair Care
B Panthenol: 0.5% - 1%
E Acetate: 0.25% - 1%
Nail Care
B Panthenol: 0.25% - 1%
E Acetate: 0.5% - 1%
Soap/Body Washes
E Acetate: 0.5% - 1%
Vitamin Handling
Vitamin D3 - Do not heat above 40 degrees celsius, use with antioxidants and use in oil phase.
Vitamin E Acetate - Do not heat above 100 degrees celsius and use in oil phase.
Vitamin B Panthenol - Do not heat above 75 degrees celsius and use in water phase.
Vitamin B6 - Do not heat above 75 degrees celsius and use in water phase.

Description Product Code Unit Details
Vitamin B5 Panthenol 10ml VITB5P10 Each View Details for VITB5P10
Vitamin B6 10ml VITB610 Each View Details for VITB610
Vitamin D3 10ml VITD310 Each View Details for VITD310
Vitamin E Acetate 10ml VITE10 Each View Details for VITE10
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